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I had done modern pilates before but I’d had a couple of months break before I started with Tony.

I worried if it would be different to what I’d done before? Would there be lots of different abilities attending and, if so, how would Tony meet everybody’s needs?

Tony focussed on each individual and always gave different levels for each exercise, so that the beginners are learning properly and the more advanced are still being pushed.

I now understand and listen to my body, knowing how and when to push myself, I now have good posture which helps with good running form.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every session Tony and I have learned such a lot. He really listens and understand everybody’s needs. Thank you for all your patience and support.

Sarah Barton

I’ve experienced lower back problems and was being plagued with injuries from running.

I didn’t know what to expect but Tony was very professional. He took it slowly to start with, he needed to know our limitations and how capable we were.

Working with Tony has been fun, and quite testing for him on occasions as he has had a mixed ability class, from complete beginners to people like me with a couple of years experience. Quite challenging to keep it interesting for us all.

The improvement I’ve had over this last year has been fantastic, I still can’t do press ups very well but that is never going to change! Tony has encouraged me to push myself further each week, always making class’s fun in the process. The back problems have eased and the running injuries have gone.

Andrea Tupman

Before we started to work together I had lot’s of dreams and still do, I’m addicted to the whole thing. I had decided way before to do an Ironman, just something I had to do, just for me.
Unfortunately I was completely broken a few months after registering for the event. I had a terrible shoulder impingement and also a groin problem. I could neither run nor swim. Not Ideal

I discussed my situation at length with my hubby John and we decided it would be best I got myself a coach, one who knew me well, and wouldn’t over do it or give me false hope. Of course that was Tony, we had no reservations.

Working with Tony was really good (most of the time). You stripped me right back to basics and we began by trying to train with no end goal, just to get me back on it, but stronger.

Ok, so now I’m pretty broken again because I’ve changed my tactics now my end goal changed. At the end of our working together, not only had I become an Outlaw, but an Ironman. I put this down to having a coach who kept me mentally strong as well as taking care I didn’t break. Admittedly towards the end of my training I felt I needed to push it quite a bit harder, and did so…..but just for the last 6 weeks I would say. Other than that I followed the plan and got the result I wanted. I had actually wanted 15 hours and narrowly missed it, but that was due to my stomach problems, no one can help with that it would appear.

Thanks Tony X

Mandy Ashton

I felt I was gradually getting less mobility in my joints and muscles, developing more aches, pains and stiffness. I’d heard of the benefits of Pilates but was concerned about my ability to do the exercises and also I believed that such classes were normally mainly female and for females.

I learnt about the existence of these when I called into Cantley Community Centre to get a copy of their spring programme. I was surprised to see how mixed up the make up of the group was. It demonstrated to me how simple the exercises were to do under control as explained by our tutor, Tony.

I now feel more mobile and able to extend further in several exercises when techniques of relaxing into a position were explained.

Colin Binns 

I need to start by saying pre Sept 2017 I had completed a half marathon and Round Sheffield Run twice (which is a 15mile run) that’s it! So when I decided to sign up for a 50k non stop run in March 18 and a 100k non stop run in July 18 I thought I’d better get a coach. I chose Tony/balanced coaching because I knew I would get absolutely everything I need.. and I did. Leading up to my 50k run in March, I moaned a lot (like a real lot) questioning my training, Tony always explained everything.. I was just a pain in the rear, I cursed him (lots) and thought I was way off track. I was so wrong, I did the 50k and do you know what? I found it much easier than I could have ever expected (I can’t actually believe I’ve been saying that! Who’d have thought) and it’s all to do with the training that Tony put together for me. I am now 4 weeks away from my 100k non stop run and I feel so ready for it, all thanks to Tony. His plans are based on YOU, it’s YOUR plan, it’s personal to you and your needs/targets and much more… oh, and I can’t forget to mention that I’ve also lost 2stone whilst I’ve been trained by Tony. Balanced coaching gets a massive thumbs up from me 

Karen Brocklebank-Lambert