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I've had previous pilates experience, but took a break before starting with Tony. I was worried about the differences and varied abilities in the class. However, Tony focused on individuals, offering different levels for each exercise. Now I understand my body better, have good posture, and enjoy the sessions. Tony listens, understands, and provides great support. Thanks for everything, Tony.

Sarah Barton

Back problems, running injuries, unsure what to expect. Tony's professionalism, slow start to assess capabilities. Fun and challenging mixed ability class. Fantastic improvement in the past year, except for press-ups. Encouraged to push further, enjoyable classes. Back problems eased, running injuries gone.

Andrea Tupman

I felt I was gradually getting less mobility in my joints and muscles, developing more aches, pains and stiffness. I’d heard of the benefits of Pilates but was concerned about my ability to do the exercises and also I believed that such classes were normally mainly female and for females. I learnt about the existence of these when I called into Cantley Community Centre to get a copy of their spring programme. I was surprised to see how mixed up the make up of the group was. It demonstrated to me how simple the exercises were to do under control as explained by our tutor, Tony. I now feel more mobile and able to extend further in several exercises when techniques of relaxing into a position were explained.

– Colin Binns

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