Escape the Rut and Finally Live a Life You Love

Transform your thoughts, beliefs and actions and design a life on your terms in just 6 months.

You’ve been through our 5-day challenge. Chances are, you’ve completed similar ones before it, not to mention the books you’ve read and constant exploration of self-development… but something is still missing.

You’re still stuck in this rut, seemingly unable to change.

That feeling of unease in the pit of your stomach is growing stronger. You feel like you’re running out of time, that maybe you need to accept your fate and make the best of this life despite the stress, struggle and unfulfillment.

You’ve reached a point where you’re running out of steam to cope with the constant juggling act, and cynicism has taken over while you were preoccupied with being ‘busy’.

The positive determination you once had has waned, and you wonder what the point of it all is.

  • The never-ending to-do lists and responsibilities leave you feeling like you’re always playing catch-up, with little time for self-reflection or growth.
  • Despite your achievements, there’s an underlying sense of uncertainty. You question whether you’re on the right path in your career and personal life.
  • You often second-guess your decisions, wondering if you’ve made the right choices. This self-doubt hampers your confidence and holds you back from seizing new opportunities.
  • Instead of steering your life in the desired direction, you constantly react to external pressures and demands.
  • Deep down, you long for greater purpose and fulfilment. You want to wake up excited and motivated, knowing you’re living a life aligned with what matters to you.

If you’re nodding right now, know you’re not alone.

So many people face these hurdles regardless of their achievements.

The good news is you CAN still change your story, and these challenges don’t have to define you.

Imagine it’s six months from now.

You’re feeling calm and focused. You know what you’re aiming for and are confident you’ll get there without sacrifice or burnout.

Life feels so good! You greet each day with a zest you thought was long gone, and that churning unease has turned to excitement for what lies ahead… what YOU are capable of creating.

You reflect on the investment you made in yourself and feel full of gratitude that you made that leap and now reap the benefits every day.

You congratulate yourself on a great decision and head into your day with unshakeable joy and resilience, knowing you can not only cope with what life has in store but also flow with the highs and the lows to stay on track to your dreams.

All you need is the right tools and guidance to transform challenges into stepping stones for a life you love and deserve.

Tony’s coaching approach helped me to see my potential. I have learnt to focus on me, and started to see my own worth. My family and work life have seen a positive shift that I hadn’t thought achievable. Tony’s impact has been life changing, and I cannot thank him enough for all his help.

– Sean

I’ve found I’m no longer putting tasks off until later or tomorrow. I’m like “No, do it now and just get it done!”


I feel more optimistic and hopeful that 2024 will be a better year for me


One of my biggest take homes so far has been to write your goals daily and carry them with you. Genius idea


I did this 5 day mindset challenge the end of November last year and feel like it set me up nicely to tackle a very busy December and January. Tony and Sophie make a great team and are both so knowledgeable and supportive.


I know what you’re thinking…

“That all sounds lovely, but it’s hardly realistic”.

So, what if we told you this is possible and plenty of people like you have transformed their mindsets and lives with the right guidance?

We know because we are two of those people! We’ve been there. Frustrated, fearful, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Coaching made the biggest difference for us and turbo-charged our personal development results, allowing us to see the bigger picture, implement the things we learned and ultimately, start living life on our own terms!

Now, that’s what we’re offering you.

The Thinking Into Results 6-month coaching program uses a powerful and proven method to get you out of that rut once and for all and achieve the life you dream of.

All you need is to be open-minded, curious and proactive.

You’re a smart person. You can find tools, strategies and tactics in books, videos, etc… but is that enough? If it were, we’d all be on top of the world, wouldn’t we?

Having someone objective to help you see things from a different perspective, ask the right questions, and gently guide you in the right direction can shave years… no, decades off your results.

Do you want to wait another decade to live the life you want?

What if, over the next 6 months, you stopped hiding in your cocoon and started to unfurl your wings, ready to take flight and reach glorious new heights in life?

What would that mean for you? Your loved ones? The rest of your life?

When you’re on top form, you can give your best to the people who matter.

Take the first step today when you book a free chat with us. Just a conversation to see where you are and where you’d like to be and give you some nuggets to go away with.

Note – this is not a sales call, just a chat over a coffee, half an hour to offload and get to know each other.

Why listen to us?

Taking that first step is actually the hardest part. Trust us, we know.

Meet Tony

Tony’s background coaching athletes in their physical health highlighted that keeping your body in peak condition has no bearing on your emotional and mental well-being. After his second divorce left him bitter and miserable, Tony got curious about the power of the mind and how he could find his way back to happiness.

Now a certified proctor Gallagher Consultant, Tony has seen some truly remarkable transformations, including his own, and is incredibly passionate about helping others get out of their own way and create a life they love.

Meet Sophie

Sophie has struggled with severe anxiety and agoraphobia, which led to a desire to understand her own behaviour. Wanting to be proactive and change things, she tried CBT, hypnosis and talking therapy, amongst other things, yet she could never quite get the results she wanted.

Despite a thirst for knowledge on personal development, she often felt overwhelmed and struggled to apply what she had learned. So, she decided she needed a coach. Someone who could be objective and gently guide and support her to take the right action at the right time.

The results blew Sophie away as she finally regained her freedom and took back control of her own life. This experience further fuelled her passion for coaching others, and she became a holistic mindset coach to help others reap the rewards.

The Thinking Into Results Program

If you’re ready to make significant changes that will last a lifetime and allow you to live life on your terms with more joy, ease and fulfilment, Thinking Into Results is the perfect solution.

This program is a comprehensive deep dive to get you to live from the inside first, changing that internal environment so you can be less reactive and more intentional.

Together, we’ll cover 12 areas:

Lesson 1

Worthy Ideal

Learn how to set goals that get results so you can make quantum leaps in your life.

Lesson 2

Knowing vs. Doing

Get a return on your investment when we focus on implementing, not just learning.

Lesson 3

Your Infinite Mind

Turbocharge your efficiency when you replace unhelpful habits with productive, powerful ones.

Lesson 4

The Secret Genie

Harness your mind and fine-tune your habitual actions to achieve sustainable peak performance.

Lesson 5

Thinking Into Results

Change past thought patterns, learn new creative ways to problem solve and create a clear and focused action plan.

Lesson 6

Environment is but Our Looking Glass

Focus on what you are doing now, stop comparing and create a supportive environment.

Lesson 7

Trample the Terror Barrier

Overcome fear and self-doubt that are holding you back and achieve faster and more easily than ever before.

Lesson 8

The Power of Praxis

Watch your vision come to life as you take consistent, aligned action towards your goals.

Lesson 9

The Magic Word

Align your thoughts, beliefs and actions whilst maintaining a positive outlook to transform your life.

Lesson 10

The Most Valuable Person

Lead the way and develop yourself as a valuable asset to others.

Lesson 11

The Impression of Increase

Give freely and leave a lasting positive impression on those you meet.

Lesson 12

Magnifying the Mind

Learn how to keep up your success, continue to improve your mind and experience regular quantum leaps.

Thinking Into Results is a 6-month transformational coaching package and includes:

● Bi-weekly call to learn a new module.

● Weekly Q&A call to answer questions.

● Ongoing support from Tony and Sophie

● WhatsApp group for current clients and alumni for community, support and accountability

● Recordings of all calls to catch up or rewatch as desired

● 12 on-demand videos to deepen your understanding


One Time Payment


Monthy Instalments

£1200 Deposit
4 X £1000

Thinking Into Results isn’t for everyone, and we don’t work with anyone. So the first step is always just a chat to learn more about each other, see if we gel and leave you with some food for thought or golden nuggets.

No pressure.

No selling.

No obligation.

Ready to finally get out of that rut and stop repeating negative patterns to create real, lasting change?

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